What’s so good about being a Catholic? (Part Two)

Patrick Ward writes…

Over a week ago, I wrote a post called “What’s so good about being a Catholic?”   You can read it here.

As you will see, lots of people responded with comments and thoughts.  Here, in alphabetical order, is a quick summary of some of the suggestions you made:

• Beauty
• Belonging
• Charismatic communities
• Community
• Confidence and authority
• Ecumenism and Religious dialogue
• Education system
• Family unity
• Family values
• The Holy Eucharist
• Jesus
• Justice and Equality
• Love
• The Pope
• Prayer
• Protection of life
• Saints
• Sacraments
• Truth

In a few days, I will forward the link of this page to my friend who prompted the conversation.  So if you want to add any more comments on this site with ideas on what is so good about being a Catholic these days, please do!  Thanks to everyone who took time to comment and share their thoughts with the readers…

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2 Responses to What’s so good about being a Catholic? (Part Two)

  1. Julia Smith says:

    What’s good about being a Catholic?

    I was received into the church 10 years ago at the tender age of 17, which is ironic really when the media insist that this is the age when most people will leave the church.

    I believe being catholic is good because it gives me a great sense of peace and belonging, I had finally found the family I was looking for.

    And this sense of belonging and family is what keeps me very much in love with our beautiful faith 10 years on!

    I love the feeling I have inside of me, I feel the lord is with me every moment of my day guiding me to do as he asks me to do, and I hope that everyone I meet is able to see the lords love for them through me.

    And I had a fantastic and unforgettable experience at Bellahouston Park last week!

    I am very proud of my Catholic faith! 😀

  2. Rachael Wall says:

    Sense of belonging. as a student of canon law i have a unique insight into the workings of the Church. We have seen many ways that the Church operates to help and comfort those of us in need. I am privileged to be friends with some of the newly ordained priests and deacons that were lucky to be there in Belahousten park. its a spiritual and fulfilling journey that few could explain. we have a sense of responsibility to ourselves and others to promote the good of Catholicism after the damage that the media have done. I have witnessed at first hand the extraordinary journey our priests and deacons have taken and will take to preach and promote the Gospel. in my view we are all entitled to the best possible spiritual development that being Catholic will ensure.

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