We stand on holy ground

Pope Benedict XVI at Cofton Park

The blessings of this pilgrimage will be felt, I am sure, for some time to come. At Communion we sang the much loved Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, and the words ‘we stand on holy ground’ seemed most fitting. The mud of Crofton Park is now hallowed by the presence of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and by the spiritual presence of Blessed Henry Newman.

As I blog, here in the Media centre, there are photographic journalists all round me, uploading their photos. They are happy because they had a better view today than at the previous venues. The stage construction, made especially for the Beatification, proved very photogenic. The images I can see on the screen of the person sitting next to me, images of the Pope with Newman’s picture in the background, look very beautiful.

I have seen many signs of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the faithful people of God these past few days. I have many pilgrim tales I could tell, and maybe will tell, in the days to come. Facebook has been a revelation to me, how great a medium it has been to enable people to communicate, to share the latest stories, to witness their faith in this very modern way. I hope we will continue to exploit all the powers of the internet to spread the message of the Gospel of peace.

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