Holy Nation, Royal Priesthood

The holy nation outside Westminster Cathedral

The music this afternoon in Hyde Park has been uplifting. Everyone is excited, joyful and singing their hearts out are the choir, who led the singing during the procession of tha banners. This was an amazing spectacle. The young people from each Diocese led the procession, followed by representatives of Parishes from up and down the land. Seeing so many people, in a procession that just went on and on, was fantastic.

Several great songs were sung doing this time. Christ be our light, One bread one body, Shine Jesus shine, We are marching in the light of God and one, in particular that seemed to be exceptionally apt today, Out of darkness.

Out of darkness, God has called us,

claimed by Christ as God’s own people.

Holy nation, royal priesthood,

walking in God’s marv’lous light.

The crowd here are people who have come out of the darkness of the past into God’s light, brought there by the visit of Pope Benedict. We are now a holy nation, this visit has shown the people of this land what a nation we are, and now we must go forward and work to build upon this great opportunity to be the royal priesthood of believers.

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3 Responses to Holy Nation, Royal Priesthood

  1. David says:

    Do you mean ‘holy nation’ in a purely spiritual sense – the nation, or reborn, of God – or (also) in a literal sense? And if the latter, which ‘nation’ are you referring to: England (and Wales) or ‘Britain’?

    I ask – and this might seem a pedantic point – because this was supposed to be a state visit to the UK (although I note that the pope referred instead to ‘Great Britain’, perhaps out of deference to the sentiments of Northern Irish Catholics). But it was also a pastoral visit to two ‘countries’ or provinces of the Roman Catholic Church: Scotland and England & Wales. The tag line to your blog (‘Official Blog for the Holy Father’s visit to Scotland and England’) reflects this.

    Did the procession of young people from “each Diocese” at Hyde Park include Welsh dioceses and indeed Scottish dioceses? And was the pope, in your view, carrying a message for our ‘nation’ in the worldly sense of the term? And, if so, was there anything special to England (and Wales), as opposed to Great Britain / the UK as a whole?

    • njs44 says:

      I meant in the purely spiritual sense. The idea comes from Exodus 19:6 where it says “you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Of course this refers to the nation of Israel, of whom we (the Church on earth) are the descendants. Of course, that may be opening up a whole new can of worms, but perhaps we need a bit more theological debating here in this blog. So, to return to your question, no, I did not mean UK, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland or any other geographical or political nation.

  2. AM says:

    Yes both Wales and Scotland were represented at Hyde Park

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