A Headteacher’s view

Heart speaks unto HeartI thought I would share this brief account from the Headteacher of a Richmond Primary School.

Just wanted to let you know about the very exciting day I’ve had.

Met my four children at 7.20 this morning and eventually got into St Mary’s College around 9.45. The security was amazing, the streets were lined with police and we had to go through an airport style security system to get on the site. I nearly did not get in as I was wearing a dress and jacked with jet beads set in metal and kept setting off the alarm. Short of taking off my dress I was not sure how I was going to get in! Finally they decided I was not a rampant terrorist but a mundane Headteacher and let me through. My children and I were part of the welcoming group of about 350 people who stood outside the chapel. We were only about 10 ft away from the Pope both when he got out of the car he travelled from Wimbledon in and when he got in the Pope-mobile. He actually shook hands with many of the Richmond children and even picked up one of the children and kissed his head which was lovely but sadly not any of mine! We then went onto the college field to watch ‘The Big Assembly’ which was great. On his way out of the arena the Pope again came very close to us!

Quite a special day!

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