My heart’s in the Highlands

Children from St Ninian's school, Dundee, at the parade in Edinburgh

Well, I’ve arrived safely in Bellahouston Park. The place is bathed in glorious sunshine, and inside the Media tent, at least, it is very warm. As I write a group of Scottish schoolchildren are singing ‘My heart’s in the Highlands’ and various ‘acts’ are warming up the crowd who have been gathering here since early morning.

I arrived by train to Dumbreck station, and the whole line has been taken over by the Papal trains. No-one else can use this station today and the maps I printed off to help me find my way to the Park were quite redundant, of course. I just tagged along with a couple of other pilgrims, locals who had come in 1982 and were looking forward very much to a return visit.

My journey here went very smoothly. I arrived in Edinburgh, walked to the Media centre to pick up my pass, and took a few pictures of pipers in the St Ninian’s Day parade. The need to get to Glasgow before the park gates shut at 3pm meant I could not hang around to watch the Popemobile go through the streets, but there were plenty of people waiting to cheer the Holy Father. The atmosphere was great, with plenty of smiling faces, cheering schoolchildren, waving flags like crazy.

Right now I need to get out and mingle amongst the crowd and talk to pilgrims, but I’ll try to make further posts when I can tear myself away from everything that’s going on.

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