I dreamed a dream

Susan Boyle at Bellahouston

The sun is still shining here in Bellahouston Park. There have been a number of wonderful songs performed by groups from all over Scotland. I have been taught the songs for the responses at Mass. I have marvelled at the weather and the ground coverings that have made it possible to walk on the soft ground. Until a little while ago it felt like an ordinary secular festival in some ways. I wondered when I would feel that sense that something very special was about to happen. And then Susan Boyle started to sing I Dreamed a Dream and the atmosphere changed in a few seconds. Whatever people say about her, she knows how to perform to an audience. She brought everyone to their feet, waving their flags like mad and cheering for more.

A large number of journalists pours into the Media tent as I write. Something tells me things are about to get busy and it is just as well I have grabbed myself a seat. The pipers are playing a tune I recognise, but can’t quite place. Is it Highland Cathedral I wonder? Further research is needed. Ah, now they are singing How Lovely on the Mountains, an old favourite from the 1982 visit.

We are now being taken through a lot of great hymns and  the journalists are fighting for space in the Media tent. There is still space in the Park for Pilgrims but it is healthily full I would say and a wonderful sight when all the flags start to wave. A choir are singing City of God which is one of my favourites. I must go and listen. More later.

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