Lead Kindly Light

Patrick Ward writes…

I love the music of Boyce and Stanley, otherwise known as CJM.  On Sunday, I went to Mass in a small, village church in the Cotswolds where I’d been to a wedding the day before.  The worship was led by a small group of young musicians and it was lifted to something special by the music of Boyce and Stanley.  It strikes me as being both traditional and contemporary at the same time – greatly accessible for all ages.

I was delighted to hear that they are leading worship in the build-up to the Beatification Mass on Sunday morning.  It’s a great opportunity for more Catholics to become familiar with their work.

Aled Jones interviewed Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley on his Radio 2 Sunday morning programme this week.  You can catch it on BBC iPlayer for the next few days here.  The interview starts about 1 hour 10 minutes in.

They’ve also brought out a new CD based on the writings of John Henry Newman called Lead Kindly Light.  More information on the CJM website: www.cjmmusic.com

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One Response to Lead Kindly Light

  1. The Isle of Man Post Office and the Post Office of the Holy See have issued a superb joint cover with special hand stamp cancellations to mark the beatification of Cardinal Newman by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at Cofton Park, Birmingham, on Sunday 19 September 2010.

    A limited edition of 2,500 numbered covers have been produced to mark this historic occasion.


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